Free Autumn Fall vector selection with beautiful high quality vector art footage for your graphic design artworks, illustrations, web and print projects: Autumn weather backgrounds, foliage and flora patterns, park and forest nature graphics, abstract leaf silhouettes, colorful season clip art and floral illustrations. Autumn is an amazing season, the colorful change from summer to winter.The days may be cool, but the sky is often clear, crisp & blue so it�s the perfect time to breathe deeply and take long walks down the mountains and into valleys, or along the coast. Autumn provokes remarkable changes all around us. Autumn weather reveals nature's true colors: leaves turn yellow, orange, red or burgundy. The season is known as Fall in the US because of the falling leaves. The beginning of Autumn, Indian Summer, is a pleasant reminder of summer days gone by, but farmers watch out carefully for the first frost, signaling the end of growing season and start of harvest. Gardeners

  • Filstorlek - 2,0 MB
  • Filtyper - AI
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